Tropical Island: a Classic Margarita Cocktail when the Sun Sets

I am sitting alone in the deckchair among hundreds of people at the beach. Wondering around as the wave moving infrequently towards the seaside which apparently resembles my heart, unstable.  Taking three sips of my classic margarita cocktail. My body warms up from the tequila inside the cocktail as I gulp. Apparently, time flies. The sun looks like it gradually drowning to the water whilst it creates the beautifully colorful reflection of the sky. The combination of the dark blue waters and the vibrant yet luminous sky makes me feel like I am in a whole new different alluring world.

I can’t think of anything else. I am speechless. I thank god over and over again for the breathtakingly beautiful scene I am seeing. The cozy atmosphere around me brings a magnificent pleasure in me. The sounds of children laughter, people chattering, and the waves that crash against the shore heal my broken soul. It is all so pure and cleansing. I stand up from my deckchair and run to the shore as the wind whips my face and whispers in my ear as it plays with my hair. The fishy smell by the seaside is strangely soothing, remembering the polluted smog I inhale in the city.

I soak my feet in the water as I try to defense myself from the waves that try to make me slip and fall. As I am focusing on my feet, drops of water are starting to fall on my skin, making me run back to my deckchair to finish my classic margarita cocktail and drive to my resort as soon as possible using the golf car they provided. As I drive to my resort, the sun has almost set, changing the color of the sky from red to purple, highlighting the transition from day to night.


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