Tropical Island: a Taste of the Sea Underneath the Sun

  I am standing at the beach, taking off my sandals. The sand greets my bare feet playfully by sticking themselves. While I am waiting in line to get into the ship, the rays of the sun kiss my skin and the trees swaying happily, creating the sound of the leafs rubbing against each other. I am entering the ship with my bare feet feeling tickled by the texture of the carpet. The gasoline aroma spreads around the ship, meaning that we will finally go to our destination, Nusa Lembongan.

 People keeps chattering during the group division announcement. I am finally inside the mini truck with my team. The road on our way is trembling my seat while the wind passes by all the time. I can feel the mini truck’s wheels starting to slow down. The seaweeds are sunbathing throughout the wait of my arrival. Its chewy texture inside my mouth slowly brings up the salty taste that indicates the seaweeds are fresh from the sea. Cameras clicking everywhere in the surrounding, picturing how lovely the youth are exploring the seaweeds. For the rest of the day, the sun will be my skin’s best friend as long as it shines in the clear and blue sky above the tropical island.

  The ship is right there, shaking, swaying, waiting for me to get in there. Meanwhile, the number of sandals piling up the basket is increasing, my bare feet lead me upstairs. My ass is burning from the overheat ship floor. The breeze unleashes my hair from my ear and tangles itself. The sound of music playing on the way back, freshen up my ear. The sunbeam turns my vision into black and my body to lie down the overheat ship floor. The engine starts to hash and I am back in Bali.

FullSizeRender (1).jpgFullSizeRender.jpg


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