The Rise and Rise of Social Media: Draft II

As the world is evolving every day, so does the technology becoming more advanced. Nowadays, most people seems to possess electronic devices, as if their gadget is everything and is more important than reality. Is there anything wrong with this? Does gadget really have a big influence in people’s life? It is true to say that every person needs gadget in their surrounding even though fagets bring both advantages and disadvantages. Today, people from various age of groups – from kids to adults – uses electronic devices mainly for social media. using social media, people are able to be more interconnected, gain information of either educational or entertainment, and it helps people to avoid awkward situations. Yet, this can increase the number of cyber bullying and stereotypes, easier access to unsuitable websites that are shared from social media, and increasing number of introverts.

To begin with, there are many reasons for people to use gadget, especially social media. Some people argue social media as a source of happiness, information, and boredom eraser. With social media, people are able to be more interconnected with everyone around the world, either in cultural, political, economically, or even just to make connections. In addition, the social media trains people to be more active and creative in the social media in order to gain a lot of ‘internet friends”. The rise of social media, consequently, allows more people to be creative in creating interesting applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. For instance, nowadays, famous people tend to create applications to increase their profit margin. In 2016, there was a huge news of a 16 years old millionaire as a result of creating an application of buying and selling stuff, for instance in Indonesia are Tokopedia, OLX, and Bukalapak.

Besides, the rise of social media opens more access to gain information either it is education or entertainment. A research shows that students from Z-Generation open Youtube as a learning media through videos more that the number of students who opens full of writings websites like for instance, Wikipedia. As you can see from the research, social media is not only a place to interact with other people but also as a media of learning. Besides this, the entertainment world considers social media as beneficial because for instance, E! News released a news, automatically the readers will share to their friends and their friends will also share it to their mutuals and creates a chain. In addition, educational information is not only can be accessed through Google but also by, for instance, Twitter, that helps direct the link and getting responses in an educational way from unknown and known people from around the world.

Despite all of the benefits, the rise of social media, directly and indirectly, increase the number of cyber bullying and stereotypes. Cyber bullying is easy to obtain, usually, cyber bullying happens around school kids. Even though cyberbullying doesn’t harm people physically, it harms the victims mentally, which is more dangerous because harms in a mental way can create disorders that will also lead to physical harm such as cutting, suicide, and planned injury. These days, stereotypes are very common. Sometimes stereotypes happen because of someone who is pissed at something. Stereotypes are diverse, but one of the most discussed topics is the relation of terrorists and Muslims. Stereotypes existed since a long time ago, but with the rise of social media, people can influence one another by convincing that for instance, a Muslim is also a terrorist and you should be careful, and not a stereotype which is not beneficial for other people especially for children.

In conclusion, the rise of social media can’t be postponed because all of this happen as the effect of advancing technologies and the way people think itself. The writer disagrees at some points such as the easier access to information because it may lead to children opening unsuitable websites. Furthermore, we can actually control the rise of social media by reminding each other in our surrounding that we still have each other because at the end we will all return to the place where we belong and we don’t know when that will happen, so we should interact with people in our surrounding more and to not waste our time. However, the rise of social media increases the number of the competition that will encourage thus, force people to be more creative. In addition, the rise of social media has influenced indirectly or directly to all people around the world, space, and universe.


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