Should teachers be paid by results?

Does teacher’s teaching skills affect the scores of the students? first of all, teacher, as defined by Oxford Dictionary, is a person who teaches, especially in schools. There are various factors that affect teachers teaching skills. Well, should teachers be paid by results? this question leads to numerous advantages and disadvantages. If teachers were paid by results, the country will have higher teacher qualities, teachers will take their work seriously, hence teachers ideas to teach students will vary. Yet some opponents argue that all teachers have the rights to receive an equal amount of salary, changes in the purpose of being a teacher, and only teachers with good performances are seen.

To begin with, a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. The existence of teachers salary differentiation based on results is not right, schools can count the good results as a bonus payment for teachers. This decision couldn’t be made without the agreements of all teachers inside the country because they all have the rights to receive the salary based on the payment conditions of each school which is usually based on status hierarchy. Furthermore, people’s point of view on becoming a teacher also changes. Being a teacher is not about passion anymore, but rather for money. Even though the purpose changes and they will still bring good outcomes, but still, the bond created between teachers and students will also be different.

We all search for schools with great quality teachers and education system. If teachers were paid by results, only teachers with great performances are seen, thus developing teachers are hardly seen even though they do have a good prospect. This creates even more status hierarchy between teachers since the school will always promote great teachers only without seeing the developing ones because they already have the data ranked from the highest to the lowest amount of payment given to the teachers. Because of this, teachers will also be disinclined to help each other to develop as a team to create a better school together since they are competing to get the highest amount of payment.

The United States Secretary of Education, John B. King Jr. one stated, “As an educator, I know that one of the strongest in-school influences on students is the teacher in front of the classroom”. One of the ways to increase the teachers quality in a country is also to increase the standard of the teachers for example by paying teachers by results. They will also take the work seriously because the number of competition increases among teachers. Unlike nowadays in Indonesia, teachers tend to be lazier in class while teaching because of the new educational regulation to let the students explore first before the teachers explain the theory of the topic.

Some opponents believe that teachers will always do their own self-reflection, for example by realizing what’s still missing on how they teach their students. One of the effects of this is they will have and do their commitment as a teacher in order to compete with other teachers to get a high amount of salary. Also, the ideas of teachers to teach their students will vary because they have to find their own unique way to win the students’ heart so that the students will pay attention to them and get high scores, for example, teacher A teaches student 1 by creating mindmaps, doing games, etc. Payment by results directly created a big one effect on teachers to work, work, work.

In conclusion, the writer disagrees if teachers should be paid by results. We all know that jobs are about passion, not money. Teachers should not be pressured by their salary amount and focus on educating their students because students they teach are the next generation people whom will lead the country. Every teacher has their own positive and negative teaching skills and every teacher should help each other to develop because each teacher brings values and ideas that are unique and can be learned and shared by other teachers so that they will create a better school.


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