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The first term school break has come to an end. Who doesn’t love holidays especially in December? the month of December is famous for its love, joy, and happiness especially at the end of the month. Unfortunately, my holiday was kind of the other way around because both of my parents went on vacation, while my siblings and I stayed at home.

Since both of my parents went on vacation, my siblings and I needed a guardian. As an exchange, they asked my grandma to come over three days before their departure. On the 23rd of December, I came to pick up my grandmother at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in terminal 3 around 2-3 PM.

At the same time, I actually had an appointment with my beloved friends because one of our friends came back from Japan. Sadly, I couldn’t make it to hang out with them due to the traffic and the fact that no one’s home to pick up my grandmother, except for me and my mother because my siblings and my father were still on their Java island road trip.

It was unbelievable how time flew really fast. The last day in December was well spent as it was also my first time to spend new year with my friends because I rarely spend my new year in Jakarta. Besides turning and enjoying lots of fireworks, we also did lots of unforgettable things together, but sadly it wasn’t a full team gathering because the other had their own schedule set up.

Despite all of my boredom at home, I have to say that it was really my pleasure to spent my holiday with my grandmother and lots of my friends in Jakarta. I really hope all of our flaws will be forgotten and hence forgiven; all of our kindness will help others to encourage lots of people to do a lot of great things; all of our happiness will always be kept in our memories.

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