English Journal: Week 16 (Paragraph Topic)

Finally, I posted all of my late journals. This week has been the busiest week in year 11 for me. Again, I didn’t attend the second English class this week due to the Accounting Prasetiya Mulya Challenge that was postponed until this Wednesday. It was originally scheduled on Friday, Week 15, but due to the political march of Jakarta’s government, it was postponed.

This week’s activity was to present our previous mind map with our partner. Before we started to present our mind map group by group, our English teacher distributed a piece of paper that was folded into four. When each group presented their mind map, the other should write a summary or key points of the topic.

After we’re done with all presentation, we continued to learn our material about paragraph topic using IXL. IXL is a website that is very helpful for students to learn materials that they don’t understand, especially English. We didn’t do a lot of practice on this one because there wasn’t enough time and the page wasn’t responding.

I hope that I could catch up on all the materials that I’ve missed soon!


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