English Journal: Week 14 (Grammar Check)

Grammar Grammar Grammar. Yup, you’re right! This week was all about grammar.

In week 13, I uploaded the article that I’ve been making for weeks. Finally, we came to the last part of it, revising and editing. The revising and editing session focuses on the grammar check.

With the help of technology, our English teacher introduced us to a grammar check online which is Grammarly. As you can see, Grammarly is an online grammar check that helps us to correct our grammatical errors easier by auto checking the text we are typing, for example by underlining errors and grammar suggestions. In order to use Grammarly everywhere such as emails, WordPress, etc we should download the application first for free, but if we want an advanced grammar checker from Grammarly, we should pay for an upgrade.

Actually, I have been using Grammarly a week before my English teacher introduced the tool to the students. Besides Grammarly, I tried other lots of good online grammar checkers such as spellcheckplus and sentencechecker.

By revising and editing our article with online grammar check tools, increases our confidence in writing, especially when we do our English weekly journal project because your chance of making grammar mistakes are declining and we can also improve our grammar and writing skills.


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