English Journal: Week 10 (Quiz and Games)

First of all, I would like to apologize for the super late upload of English weekly journal for week 10. I thought the last weekly journal assignment before midterm was week 9, but I was wrong, it was supposed to be week 10.

Week 10 was actually the last week before midterm tests, where we review all of our materials from the beginning. Reinforcement week is very helpful for students because it helps us to recall and understand each lesson easier and better.

Our English teacher had a creative way to help us increase our spirit for studying English during the first reinforcement session. I actually forgot the game’s name, but from what I remember the point increases when we answer the question correctly. Before the game started, our English teacher divided us into groups. Each group consists of 3 students, but since my class’ total students is an even number, I was only paired up with Raissa. We won the first round, and guess what? Surprisingly we got one of our favorite food, chocolate!

The next game was also interesting, but it was harder than the first one because the second game was not only asking about English lesson but also our general knowledge about the world. Apparently, we didn’t win the second game, but it was totally fine! Both me and Raissa admitted that we didn’t really like to read books about general knowledge. The group who won this game got a pen for each member.

I didn’t do anything during the second session of the reinforcement week because I have completed all of my English assignments, so we played cards inside the class while obeying the most important rule inside the class which is not to be very noisy that might disturb others.


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