English Journal: Week 6 (Type and Purpose)

After weeks of learning, finally this week we’ll have our first english lesson formative on Wednesday.

From what I have learned today, there is 6 text types, they are:

  • Report

example: news article

  • Recount (fiction or informational)

example: (first-person accounts)

diaries, journals, short stories, novels, memoirs

  • Narrative (fiction or informational)

example: short stories, picture books

  • Persuasive

example: science encyclopedia

  • Procedure

example: maps, instruction manuals, experiments

  • Response

example: restaurant review

In order to understand the text types conventions, we have to know the purpose, structure, language features, and where would you use this Text?

A text can have many purposes, for example:

  • Persuasive text

Convincing the reader of the writer’s point of view

  • Procedure text

To instruct someone on how to do something

Hopefully, I’ll easily remember and understand the text types convention by reviewing the material at home. I also hope that I will get an excellent score on my first english formative, wish me luck!


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