English Journal: Week 5 (Tone and Mood)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to class two times this week because I had a softball tournament and it’s only a week left until the formative test.

Because I didn’t come to English class this week, I asked my friends what they have learned and did during the class activity. Before they went to the main material which is tone and mood, they did a grammar review about present and past tenses and also did a mini game afterward about important words of tone and mood.

After I found out about the material, I searched for tone and mood on youtube before I opened my e-learning.

Here’s the link to the videos that I’ve watched

By watching those videos about tone and mood on youtube, it really helps me a lot to understand the material easier. After that, I opened my e-learning and downloaded all the presentation that my English teacher has uploaded.

Based on the presentation my English teacher uploaded, here’s what I understand about tone and mood:


The attitude that an author takes toward the audience, the subject, or the character through the author’s words and details.

Example: The sun is shining brightly in the meadow, let’s go out and play!

This indicates that the sentence above imposes that the person is happy or excited.


Emotions that you (the reader) feel while you are reading a piece and sometimes change as characters or plot changes.

Example: The man kicked and threw the poor cat out of the house

This indicates that the sentence gives you a feeling of anger or pity towards the cat.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that on Wednesday I just found that we’re actually going to have an English quiz about tone and mood for the next session which is Thursday, but I still couldn’t make it to class.



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