English Journal: Week 4 (A Restaurant Review)

It’s only a day left until Indonesia’s 71st independence day. Even though tomorrow is a big day, our school continued with the usual teaching and learning activities.

Today’s English lesson started with something I didn’t expect, it started with an IELTS listening quiz. Thankfully, I got 8/10 correct answers for the quiz.

We haven’t finished our directed writing topic yet, so we did further practice in order for us to be better.

In the task, we were asked to write the opening section of a restaurant review from a different point of view in 120-150 words. This task uses the “same material, different perspective” type of directed writing. As you can see, we are going to write about the same material (a restaurant review), but from a different perspective (different person).

Further Practice (Restaurant Review)

  • Writer/role: A different reviewer
  • Purpose: to review the meal/visit
  • Style: use similar language features and conventions as those in the original passage

Last Saturday night, I went to an outstanding french restaurant in the heart of Jakarta. They give a reasonably high price for their food and tax. When I was waiting for the waiter to come, I did a little bit of observation of the building architecture.

The building was a little bit old-fashioned and classic, but the furniture they used was brightly lit, especially their flag-stoned hallway. Most of the lights came from the classy antique chandeliers that were hanging from the beautifully decorated ceiling. The waiter finally came and asked what I would like to order with a wide smile and nice gesture. I ordered a “Kia Royals” champagne which tasted really sweet. While I was enjoying my champagne, the music continued to fill the very relaxing atmosphere inside the restaurant.


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