English Journal: Week 3 (Directed Writing)

Time flies, I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since school started. This week’s english class started with IELTS listening practice instead of grammar review.

When I was in junior high school, I did a TOEFL listening practice once and I can’t even answer a single question because of the speaker’s unclear voice.  But after I took the IELTS listening practice, I realized that I actually love doing it because I believe I can.

After we did the IELTS listening practice, we continued to our study about directed writing. Based on the Cambridge International AS Level English Language, A directed writing task is a piece of writing based on either the style and language or material of the original passage.

There are 2 types of directed writing, they are

  • Same style, different context

Adapting a piece of writing for similar task, with a different context with a different context (topic, focus, or context of the writing) but using the same language and style.


original passage – vacation in Rome

directed writing – vacation in Italy

  • Same material, different perspective

Rewriting a passage with a different purpose and/or viewpoint (for example, from the perspective of a different character mentioned in the passage) using the same material.


Writing a letter about an experience but from different point of view

1st point of view: sad and pessimistic

2nd point of view: happy and optimistic

In order to write a directed writing, we need to identify the following points:

  • The writer/role
  • The purpose/type of text
  • The style
  • The length
  • The content/context

After our english teacher explained the material, we did activity 2.1 and 2.2 for practice. Activity 2.1 passage is about issue of children’s rights, while activity 2.2 passage is about a restaurant negative review. In both activities, we weren’t asked to write an actual directed writing, but to identify the points (the writer/role, the purpose, etc). Activity 2.2 was a bit different, because after we identified the points, we did a class discussion about

  • What are the main differences from the original text?
  • What do you think the main challenges will be?

At the end of the session, I volunteered myself to do the oral summary. Besides that, we also wrote the english weekly journal. I personally enjoy learning directed writing more than commentary writing. I hope that I will always be well and active in class whatever the material is.


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