English Journal: Week 1 (Introduction)

This week is actually the first week of school and also the first time I had my English session in year 11.

It all started with an introduction from the semester outline about what we are going to  learn in year 11. Besides that, our English teacher also asked us to create our own ‘English Weekly Journal’ on WordPress as the first-semester project for year 11.

Since we have to do a lot of writing practices in class and write the ‘English Weekly Journal’ our teacher gave us an explanation of how to develop a good and organized paragraph using ‘The Bing Bang Bongo’ structure. The structure is used in the introduction and conclusion part of the paragraph.



Paragraph 1 – The Bing (brief explanation)

Paragraph 2 – The Bang (detail explanation)

Paragraph 3 – The Bongo (detail explanation)


conclude The Bing, Bang, Bongo that is mentioned in each paragraph

Last but not least, this is the end of my first English weekly journal. I hope that I can improve my score and writing skills especially by using ‘The Bing Bang Bongo’ structure in year 11 English lesson.


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